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This is a powerful SDK that includes documentation, sample code, demo applications, and a re-distributable run-time installer for OpenAL

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OpenAL SDK provides developers with a set of components, frameworks and sample code in order to assist in OpenAL projects.

For those unfamiliar with the term, OpenAL is a 3D audio API, similar to OpenGL in aspects such as style and predefined conventions.

Its main purpose is to provide a convenient means to render 3D positional audio and is mainly used in the development of games and multimedia applications.

OpenAL SDK comes across as an auxiliary set of tools for OpenAL, delivering a complementary feature set that allows developers to implement new functionality on top of the API.

It packs a variety of components that will enhance and streamline the experience of developers throughout complex projects.

The SDK encases extensions for X-RAM, device enumeration, multi-channel buffer playback and last, but not least, the Effects component, which is the most comprehensive of all.

The latter can only have positive effects on multimedia development, as it allows developers to add DSP effects and to manipulate audio sources in a professional manner.

With the aid of the Effects Extension, programmers will be able to adjust the parameters that are characteristic to an audio source to their liking. Effects such as reverb, chorus, low-pass and high-pass can be controlled to match basically any need.

Additionally, the sample collection delivers a good set of algorithms that can be tested and further customized. Each of the examples is specifically designed to reveal a key feature of OpenAL.

To sum up, OpenAL SDK could benefit developers that are working on OpenAL related projects, enhancing their workflow through a set of useful extensions.

OpenAL SDK was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 13th, 2013

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