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A comprehensive and reliable application created to provide you with the ability of printing three-dimensional objects with minimal effort

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3DimMaker is a comprehensive and reliable software solution created to offer you the means of printing various models on your 3D printing device, swiftly generating the G-Code and allowing you to customize a wide range of output options.

Straightforward and intuitive usage

Subsequent to the installation process, you can launch the program and begin working with it, on condition that your 3D printer is already connected and configured.

3DimMaker’s user interface is very easy to handle, making it quite approachable even for individuals who lack experience with similar tools, as its self-explanatory functions and the printing wizard will guide you throughout the entire process.

Effortlessly print out three-dimensional objects using compatible devices

For starters, you will need to open the STL format model that you want to print in 3DimMaker, adjusting its dimensions by means of the provided draggers on any of the three axes. The height, width and depth of the model are displayed in millimeters, enabling you to modify them manually however you need.

The ‘Wizard’ aims to simplify the entire process for you, allowing you to gradually configure the printer type and the COM Port it is connected to, as well as the ‘Extruder Width’, the ‘Dump Area and the ‘Preheat Settings’. You can decide the preferred ‘Position’, ‘Rotation’ and ‘Scale’,

The utility lets you set up the output options, specifically the ‘Extruder’ speed and temperatures, loading the material that you want to work with and its particular specifications. You can also activate ‘Cooling’ at a preferred percentage.

Afterward, you can press on the assigned button to generate the G-Code, specifically the printer instructions, so you can proceed with outputting your model. When done, you can run the operation and view the results.

A reliable 3D printing instrument

To conclude, 3DimMaker is an interesting and effective application that was developed with one purpose in mind, that of assisting you in creating three-dimensional printed objects from a STL format file, saving you time and effort in the process.

3DimMaker was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 23rd, 2015
3DimMaker - The main window of 3DimMaker allows you to open the model that you want to work with3DimMaker - From the dedicated menu, you can select the preferred view mod, with several options available3DimMaker - The File menu enables you to save the G-Code of the current model to your computer3DimMaker - screenshot #43DimMaker - screenshot #53DimMaker - screenshot #63DimMaker - screenshot #73DimMaker - screenshot #83DimMaker - screenshot #93DimMaker - screenshot #10

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