Periodic Table of the Elements

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An intuitive and simple representation of the periodic table of elements that can help students learn about chemical elements much easier

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The periodic table of elements is a must-have tool for each student or chemist, helping them find out details about elements, performing detailed calculations and experiments. There is no lack of software applications that provide more or less clear representations of Mendeleev’s table, not to speak that millions of pictures of it are available online.

However, for those who still prefer to have their own, locally stored table of elements, there are applications such as Periodic-Table that can fullfill their wish. It is an application mostly intended for students who want to learn about the chemical elements in an interactive manner and organize the information in an efficient way.

Dull is the last thing that you can afirm about its interface. The mix of colors and images might suggest that the application is suitable for primary school children, rather than older students and that might just be the case. Nevertheless, the application can easily be used by anyone and its appearance only makes learning more fun.

Each element in the table is displayed, along with its chemical symbol, the atomic mass and a picture representing its practical use. Therefore, reading the table helps you learn extra information, not just an element's mass and position.

Depending on their state (gas, liquid, natural solid and man-made solid), each element box is colored differently, which makes identification much easier.

Clicking on an element opens a new window that displays details about its atomic number, mass and the state at room temperature.

Although it might seem a bit childish to some users due to its looks, Periodic-Table provides a conclusive and clear graphical representation of Mendeleev’s table, assisting students, regardless of their age, in learning about the chemical elements much easier.

Periodic Table of the Elements was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on March 30th, 2014
Periodic Table of the Elements - The main window of the application enables users to explore all the chemical elementsPeriodic Table of the Elements - Users can easily search for a certain chemical element by simply entering its name or symbol in the dedicated box

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