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A real time PCR primer and probe design tool that supports bacterial identification, pathogen detection or species identification

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Studying bacterias, along with their pathogenic characteristics, takes a considerate amount of time, given that the oligo sequences they contain tend to be pretty long. In order to ease off the time needed to analyze this information, you could use a software tool that has the ability to perform bacterial identification, pathogen detection or species identification processes with ease.

AlleleID is such an application, as it gives you the possibility to analyze assay designs of bacterial oligonucleotides, the determine their pathogenic behavior and species.

Complex bacterial analysis tool

The program can help you analyze bacterial oligonucleotide sequences, in order to better understand the behavior or certain bacteria, along with their pathogenic characteristics. You have access to several assays, so that you can investigate the behavior of certain bacterial DNA or RNA molecules from different views, then determine their pathogenic characteristics.

For instance, the program analyzes conserved and species specific regions using one assay then, with the help of certain procedures, such as PCR primer design and dual labeled probe design, detect only the strain or species that interests you from a certain mix.

Intuitive assay processing utility

AlleleID can help you determine the species of a bacteria even if you have a partial oligonucleotide sequence of a gene. This is done by studying the genome draft of related organisms and it allows you to surpass certain difficult tasks, such as detection, identification, quantification or monitoring of contaminants and their environments.

Furthermore, you can identify cross species genomes, the application helping you separate the conserved regions of a oligonucleotide sequence and design an universal probe.

A powerful and comprehensive microbiology analysis program

To sum it up, AlleleID confers you with several innovative ways of identifying bacterial genomes along with their pathogenic characteristics and species behavior, using robust assay results and gene splicing analyzers.

AlleleID was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 26th, 2014
AlleleID - AlleleID allows you to analyze bacterial identification, pathogen detection or species identification.AlleleID - From the Search Status tab, you can check the BLAST information, beacon properties or Exon data.AlleleID - By accessing the Aligned Sequences tab, you can easily view the Minimal Probe Matrix.AlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleIDAlleleID

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