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A comprehensive and reliable application created to assist you in designing parametric 3D modes with a minimal level of effort required

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AnyCAD Part Editor is a complex and efficient piece of software functioning as an Integrated Development Environment for parametric 3D modeling operations, providing you with the means to create and export 3D models from scratch.

No installation required

Subsequent to the download process, you can simply unzip the archive and run AnyPartEditor.exe from the ‘Bin’ folder, as the program’s installation is not necessary.

As such, you can easily work with AnyCAD Part Editor on any compatible computer, carrying it with you on a USB stick or similar memory devices, running it at the office or at home, without having to wait around for it to install.

Straight-forward user interface

The interface of the utility is fairly simple to understand and handle, featuring a main window where you can preview the part you are designing, while in the left-side panels, you can adjust its ‘Properties’ or work with the ‘Script Editor’.

AnyCAD Part Editor’s ribbon offers you quick access to the more relevant functions, namely ‘Create’, ‘Open’, ‘Save’ and ‘Export’ documents. Similarly, you can choose the view modes from the context menu or the right-side toolbar.

Modeling, Visualization and Parametric APIs

The application enables you to use the ‘Modeling API’ and perform primitive modeling operations with various elements, such as line, sphere, box, cone or others. You have several methods to revolve, extrude or sweep models, while the Boolean operations can be serve in cutting or joining objects.

The ‘Visualization API’ assists you in adding materials for your part, with countless embedded materials. With the ‘Parameter API’, you can add and modify parameters in your script, allowing you to use them in controlling the shape and appearance of the 3D models.

Despite its native format being APART, AnyCAD Part Editor is able to export files to STEP, STL, IGES, STP or IGS, which means you can easily work with it in any other similar tool.

Complex 3D model designer

To conclude, AnyCAD Part Editor is an advanced and reliable program aimed to help you develop your own 3D models, which you can then use in a variety of related purposes by exporting them to one of the popular formats.

AnyCAD Part Editor was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 26th, 2014
AnyCAD Part Editor - The main window of AnyCAD Part Editor allows you to open or create a new file or add a new partAnyCAD Part Editor - From the context menu, you can choose the view mode as either shade, shade with edges or HLRAnyCAD Part Editor - The File menu eables you to save the current files to APART format or export them to STL, STP or IGSAnyCAD Part EditorAnyCAD Part EditorAnyCAD Part Editor

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