Autodesk Building Design Suite Standard

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A set of tools that can help architects design buildings more effectively, while also helping them share their projects in the DWG file format





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Building Design Suite Standard includes a series of interoperable 3D building design software that can easily prove a great tool for designers and drafters, providing them with support for BIM- and CAD-based workflows.

With the help of this suite of CAD tools, professionals can design, document, and share drawings in an efficient manner.

Building Design Suite Standard allows users to design and share projects using the DWG file format, while also providing them with the possibility to easily create compelling imagery and presentations.

The suite can also be used for conveying design intent with the help of graphic communication and render it in the cloud.

Aimed specifically at architects, Building Design Suite Standard allows them to come up with higher-quality, more accurate designs, as well as to create visualizations in order to better present their ideas.

At the same time, this set of tools allows them to get better insight with the help of 3D models, as well as to improve their efficiency and minimize costs, not to mention that it can offer the foundation for expanding services.

These tools allow users to increase their control over project schedules, as well as to streamline learning.

These tools can prove a great option for contractors as well, given that they will be able to better determine the complexity of a project, as well as labor and materials scope.

Furthermore, these tools can help them coordinate site and workflow planning more effectively, as well as to evaluate the cost of design alternatives.

The set of tools can also deliver more accurate simulation and analysis, and can also help companies minimize waste and energy.

Autodesk Building Design Suite Standard offers a nice set of tools that can simplify the creating and sharing of drawings, namely:
· AutoCAD
· AutoCAD Architecture
· AutoCAD Structural Detailing
· Showcase
· AutoCAD Raster Design
· ReCap
Last updated on June 16th, 2012
Autodesk Building Design Suite Standard - The application's main window allows you to start a new project and view objects from various 3D perspectivesAutodesk Building Design Suite Standard - The tool allows you to select different states, scan regions, and scan locations, as well as to switch to a default view at any timeAutodesk Building Design Suite Standard - You can change the perspective or access various other tools with the help of the left-side icons on the app's main windowAutodesk Building Design Suite StandardAutodesk Building Design Suite Standard

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