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Calculate the stability parameters of a ship model.




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DFHydro is a powerful application that allows you to perform calculation for ship models created with ShipGen or other applications. The vessel hydrostatic and stability characteristics are calculated, undamaged or damaged, as in calm water as in waves of any length and height.

The program also allows you to define the geometry of a vessel by means of the hull cross sections. These cross sections can be defined by three ways: in a numerical way with points of an offset table, by importing a DXF file or by importing directly the hull geometry defined in the DFform module.
Last updated on April 11th, 2012
DFHydro - The main window of the application displays the naval construction and allows you to calculate the hydrostatic characteristics.DFHydro - You can import ship models in the application in order to calculate the parameters.DFHydro - The Edit menu allows you to change the measurement units and the scale of the model.DFHydroDFHydroDFHydroDFHydroDFHydroDFHydroDFHydroDFHydroDFHydroDFHydroDFHydro

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