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Design a circuit boarder after your heart's desire your just learn a thing or two about electronics with this lightweight application

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When it comes to circuit boards it is best that the situation is handled by a pro. It's not an easy thing and if not done properly things might get out of hand. But before anything goes into practice a solution to prevent any unwanted situations from happening is by creating a sketch, either the old fashioned way, or using an application such as DIYLC.

Can be used by anyone

This handy utility is designed to easily give you the possibility to create circuit board layouts, being able to include various components. You will mostly need the mouse, because everything you can use is shown in a specific tab, under a self explanatory icon, and can be dragged around the workspace and fitted according to your liking.

It lets you create schematics in countless ways, and is a suitable testing ground for circuits. Not only can it be used by electronics enthusiasts, but it provides a good learning method as an educational software.

Various elements you can use

As mentioned before, in the upper part of the main window are found tabs in which elements from the most basic to the most complex are found. Almost all of them can be edited, if not the shape, at least color. Text can be added to better describe the situation, and even geometrical figures can be found a use.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that DIYLC will feel like a toy in the hands of electronics enthusiasts. Its user friendly interface makes it easy to learn by anyone. It can prove to be helpful not only to those that want to create, but even to learn, making for a handy learning software.

DIYLC was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 8th, 2014
DIYLC - The main window of the DIYLC provides access to multiple components in order to create your board layout.DIYLC - You can create a template from a certain component by using the context menu.DIYLC - The program is able to export the layout to a PDF document and create a bill of materials with one click.DIYLC - screenshot #4DIYLC - screenshot #5DIYLC - screenshot #6DIYLC - screenshot #7DIYLC - screenshot #8

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