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A lightweight standalone application that was especially created to serve as a means of analyzing DNA files with minimal efforts

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The analysis of DNA strands is a task that requires advanced knowledge and a set of befitting tools in order to get the job done accurately. Students and professionals alike can benefit from using a tool like DNA Club, which is meant to be used by those working in molecular biology.

Plain interface for fast processing

This particular program was designed exclusively for practical purposes and therefore its looks are rather dull. The elements that are important in the analysis are highlighted and any piece of information can be read clearly.

The data is presented in a manner that should be familiar to those who have worked with this type of applications before, so whether a Genebank Report, Fasta Format or DNAStar file is imported, the content is shown equally clearly for each of them.

Advanced editing functions

With the help of DNA Club it is possible to perform a wide variety of tasks, like removing vector sequences or finding open reading frames in the DNA sequence loaded for analysis. Several conversions can be done by accessing the dedicated menu, so reverse, reverse + complement, one frame and three frames translations are available.

This software is suited for PCR primer selection and it offers modules for editing their parameters, as well as for evaluating primers and getting detailed information about each sequence. There is also an extra function dedicated to restriction mapping, so this is a welcomed addition to the feature set of DNA Club.

A good helper to complement lab work in molecular biology

To sum things up, it's safe to say that DNA Club is definitely a tool for professionals and it brings a good set of features and even some innovations in DNA sequence analysis. The only drawbacks are related to the appearance and to some occasional glitches that may appear when opening some modules.

DNA Club was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on March 20th, 2014
DNA Club - The main window of DNA Club enables you to select the file to analyze.DNA Club - To find ORF you will use the Edit menu.DNA Club - The Convert menu will allow you to translate one frame.

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