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Small-sized and accessible CAD software that integrates a wide array of options and customization preferences for experienced users

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Fast Plans is a lightweight computer-aided design (CAD) software application that comes bundles with a few useful tools for creating, viewing and editing drawings. If offers support only for Plan files (BMS format).

The interface is familiar, so you shouldn't have any issues in figuring out the layout if you're already familiarized with other similar programs, such as AutoCAD.

Creating a new drawing file is done by specifying the name, drawing options (draw external walls, or layout rooms first) and measuring system (feet and inches, or metric).

You can adjust walls, alter the base plan size, finished rooms and text, change the filling color, merge worktops, move or delete curves, set data points, as well as draw arcs, circles, ellipses, lines, polygons and other objects.

Furthermore, it is possible to change the display mode and floor areas, as well as to customize arrow offsets, grid line colors, print properties, screen colors, text properties, floor plan tiles, and zoom styles. Objects can be added to libraries.

Fast Plans is very low-demanding when it comes to CPU and RAM, so it doesn't affect the overall performance of the computer. It has a good response time and works well, without making the OS hang, crash or show error dialogs. On the other hand, some improvements are welcomed in the visual department. Other than that, experienced users should be pleased with Fast Plans.

Fast Plans was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 26th, 2013
Fast Plans - The main window of the application gives you access to all the options and features.Fast Plans - You can use the Plans Views menu to change the display mode and view the overlays.Fast Plans - The Zoom menu integrated into the software lets you change the drawing scale.Fast Plans - screenshot #4Fast Plans - screenshot #5Fast Plans - screenshot #6Fast Plans - screenshot #7

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