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Easily load and edit chromatogram files, analyze it from different angles and get ahold of thorough info with the help of this powerful application

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Computers are found in any work environment in order to significantly boost efficiency with the help of specialized applications. FinchTV is a simple application designed to help researchers easily view, analyze and manipulate DNA sequences. This program can open DNA chromatogram files and display the DNA sequence in a graph.

Easily load and analyze chromatogram files

The software has an easy to use interface, providing you with easy access to all its options. After opening the desired chromatogram file, you can view the corresponding DNA sequence in a graph. Moreover, the software enables you to modify the graph scale.

Identify and manage elements

One useful feature is that you can easily navigate through the sequences and bases, as you can use the search option to find the part or base you want. Furthermore, if you want to highlight a part of a sequence, you can convert the bases to upper or lowercase, so you can identify them more easily. Also, you have the possibility to replace the selected bases with N's or X's.

Multiple view types available

In order to analyze the sequences better, you can change the view mode and the base position numbers according to your preferences. Moreover, the program allows you to reverse the base order. Thus, you can view the entire DNA trace in a multi-pane view, with or without the base sequence (A, C, T or G) or the base position.

Gain access to thorough documentation

Moreover, you can modify the sequence by inserting new parts or deleting others. Additional information about a sequence part is available when accessing the nucleotide sequence: you can view the whole sequence, the total number of bases, as well as the number of lanes. After you modify the chromatogram file, you can save it in ABI or SCF format for later use or just print it.

To end with

In conclusion, although it does not feature as many options as other similar programs, FinchTV is able to offer you a graphic view of chromatogram files, while allowing you to easily analyze and edit DNA sequences. Even though it may not be the best out there, it manages to do a good job overall.

FinchTV was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
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