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An efficient and reliable application functioning as a viewer and editor for three-dimensional designs that were built with the help of IronCAD

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IRONCAD COMPOSE is a lightweight and effective software solution created to offer you a simple means of accessing and viewing the contents of files created with IronCAD, without the need to work with heavy programs.

Before you can get started with the tool, you will need to request an activation key using a valid email address, which you have to enter in the indicated field.

Clean and intuitive looks

The utility features a user-friendly and straightforward appearance, making use of tabs to organize its various sections (‘Home’, ‘Visualization’, ‘View’ and ‘Communication’).

The main window offers a working screen, where your design is displayed, while on the left and right side panels, you can browse through the list of components, choosing which to add or remove.

View, edit and assemble IronCAD designs with minimal effort

IRONCAD COMPOSE allows you to open an existing project or create a new one, from scratch, by adding the elements you need from the ‘Catalog Browser’, then adjusting their dimensions on all three axes.

You can assemble or disassemble a design, import and export parts, or apply a custom ‘Query Property’. When your work is complete, or you simply want to get a preview, you can resort to the ‘Rendering’ function to generate a design, which you can save to your computer.

Moreover, IRONCAD COMPOSE features a wide array of customizable options, including the ability to set a ‘Background’ or create ‘Realistic’ imagery, as well as insert various elements, like ‘Fog’, ‘Exposure’ or ‘Light’, adjusting their position inside the design to better suit your needs.

Your project can be saved to your computer to ZIP or EXE format, but also sent via email to colleagues, enabling them to bring their contribution or review and approve any changes you might have made.

A useful IronCAD assistant

In conclusion, IRONCAD COMPOSE is a complex and reliable application that can help you work with IronCAD designs, allowing you to assemble various new elements and further modify existing projects.

IRONCAD COMPOSE was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 21st, 2014
IRONCAD COMPOSE - The main window of IRONCAD COMPOSE allows you to load a 3D design that you want to work withIRONCAD COMPOSE - From the context menu, you can copy an element, suppress it or hide it, as well as modify the facet part propertiesIRONCAD COMPOSE - The View tab enables you to work with the scene browser, the coordinate system or handle snappingIRONCAD COMPOSEIRONCAD COMPOSEIRONCAD COMPOSEIRONCAD COMPOSEIRONCAD COMPOSE

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