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An efficient and user-friendly piece of software developed to assist you in compiling land survey data with minimal levels of effort

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LISCAD is an advanced and reliable software solution created to offer landscape engineers with the means of visualize, edit and process data from the devices of land survey, enabling users to work with the information however they may need.

Installation and usage notes

Subsequent to the quick and uneventful installation process, users can launch the program and input their account details; if they do not have them yet, users can register an account, and only then can they get started with the tool.

LISCAD is made up of three main components, namely ‘LISCAD S.E.E.’, ‘LISCAD C.A.D’ and ‘LISCAD Resource Editor’, each comprising several modules to help civil engineers in running a variety of tasks.

Working with land survey data

The ‘LISCAD C.A.D’ is designed to offer users the means of drawing maps and survey plans, with the help of their computer, allowing them to even work with the DGN format of AutoCAD and MicroStation.

‘LISCAD Resource Editor’ is meant to provide users with the ability to design and customize various resources that can be used in the system, namely ‘Symbol’, ‘Line’ and ‘Font’ libraries, all of which are supported by ‘LISCAD C.A.D’.

Thanks to ‘LISCAD S.E.E.’, users have several tools to work with, namely ‘Utilities’, ‘Field Transfer’, ‘Computations’, ‘Transformations’, ‘CAD Output’, ‘Terrain Modeling’, ‘3D’, ‘Volumes’, ‘Data Conversion’ or ‘Profiles and Design’, handy in numerous analysis and processing operations.

The modules provided by LISCAD vary in terms of functionality and addressability, that is why they can be acquired separately, to suit the individual needs of users at one moment or another.

Useful instrument for landscape engineers

All in all, LISCAD is a complex and efficient application which aims to offer land survey specialists with the proper components for collecting, compiling and using the data they need in creating geographical maps or plans.

LISCAD was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 13th, 2015
LISCAD - The main window of the program allows you to create a project by adding points and lines.LISCAD - You can select the type of task that you want to perform and the available tools from this menu.LISCAD - The Maintenance menu enables you to filter the lines from your project and to optimize the database.LISCADLISCADLISCADLISCADLISCADLISCADLISCADLISCADLISCADLISCADLISCADLISCADLISCADLISCAD

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