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An application that can easily track satellites.

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Nova for Windows is an application that can track satellites from an unlimited number of observers by presenting the tracking data in text format or colored maps.

The user interface is clean, and you should get used to working with this tool pretty quickly. The wizard approach can help you create a database on the go, and you can select the satellites from a preset list (e.g. artificial satellites, celestial objects, amateur, iridium, and others) by dragging and dropping them in a dedicated window.

Moreover, it is possible to choose the observers by using the alphabetical keys to jump to a particular selection. You can select the map size (small, medium or large) and type (rectangular, view from space, radar or sky noise map).

Nova for Windows lists the satellite position data for one or multiple observers, and you may copy the information to the Clipboard, or print the generated tables.

The satellite mutual visibility feature can help you predict when two satellites will be both visible, or within line-of-sight of each other. Furthermore, the app is also able to calculate the time when a satellite passes into the Earth’s shadow, and to display a daily summary about the eclipse information, such as sun angle, illumination, time duration, and others. The results may be exported to DOC, XLS, plain text, or copied to the Clipboard.

The application is capable of generating different graphs about the potential success for EME between two observers, spatial polarity, angle declination, path degradation, sky temperature of the region beyond the Moon, and the geocentric distance between the Earth and the Moon.

You can customize the look of your maps by adjusting the level of brightness and the shading effect for daylight or night time, and by changing the view style.

The Internet time synchronization feature will make sure your computer clock displays accurate time values. It is also possible to make this tool play sound notifications when a satellite rises above the horizon, reaches time of closest approach, or sets below the horizon.

The built-in satellite editor allows users to add details about the satellite’s name, catalog number, inclination, epoch time, and many others. Another important feature that is worth mentioning is the auto tracking option which can be enabled by configuring the dedicated parameters.

Overall, Nova for Windows is a reliable application that can help you track satellites from various observers. It packs many useful features that can be mastered by beginners and experts alike.

Nova for Windows was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on June 24th, 2013
Nova for Windows - Nova for Windows is an innovative satellite tracking program for use by beginners and professionals alike.Nova for Windows - From the File menu you have the possibility to access the calculator and the calendarNova for Windows - In this menu of the application you can access the time, the satellites and the observersNova for Windows - You can create a new view or configure the default view by accessing the dedicated menuNova for Windows - In the Utilities menu you are provided with Internet time, frequency display and moon graphs settingsNova for Windows - If you want to configure the antenna rotator setup or access the summary you can do this from the Auto Tracking menuNova for Windows - From this menu you have the possibility to rebuild database or access the Internet updates

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