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A practical DICOM viewer created for non-professional users and radiology students that offers a comprehensive working environment

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Viewing medical imagery requires special software that can decode all the information available in the medical files. Onis is such an application that can display DICOM format files.

The program is a viewer with multiple functions apart from showing the medical images, such as creating a local server so that the files can be retrieved by clients connected to the network.

Adding new files

Onis can import single images or entire directories and save them in a local database that can be accessed easily. From the main application window you can switch between the database and the viewing area.

Each of the entries in the database are accompanied by details about the patient, from ID, birthdate, age, sex, scan method and the targeted body part to the name of the institution that did the scanning and the number of images available.

Work with the scan image

The actual viewing area also is quite flexible and apart from allowing the user to run the series of images as a slideshow it also includes various annotation stools that can help with the interpretation of the scan.

Among them is a measuring tool and the possibility to calculate various angles with just a couple of clicks. Additional annotation options include drawing shapes (ellipse, arrow, polygon) that can draw attention to specific parts of the picture.

A better view of the scan or of a particular part can be achieved by changing the rendering filters and by enabling the scope function that zooms into a specific area on the screen.


Onis is designed for a particular segment of the market but even if you are not in the medical field working with the application is a simple job as new, easy to understand functions can be uncovered as you navigate through the application.

Technical medical knowledge is required to be able to enjoy the full potential of the program, though.

Onis was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 4th, 2014
Onis - From the main window of the application you are able to load DICOM files and and view them.Onis - Accessing the Viewer, user can choose the color LUT, filter type, add annotations and view the histogram.Onis - Opening the right-click menu, you are able to inverse the color, change the orientation and export the image.Onis - screenshot #4Onis - screenshot #5Onis - screenshot #6Onis - screenshot #7Onis - screenshot #8Onis - screenshot #9Onis - screenshot #10Onis - screenshot #11Onis - screenshot #12Onis - screenshot #13Onis - screenshot #14Onis - screenshot #15

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