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A software utility that can be used to represent pipe cutting in 3D, as well as calculate sections and export the results as G code

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Computer numerical controlled cutting, or CNC in short, is a process used in plasma cutting, which enables you to cut steel and other type of materials using a specialized blowtorch. In order to automate the procedure, you can use robots and computer code to handle the cutting, provided you feed the appropriate parameters for the task at hand.

Calculate point coordinates for tube cutting

PLASMA TUBE3D is a software utility that enables you to input the settings for such a machine, as well as visualize the results in 3D beforehand. Thus, by modifying the diameter, thickness and the number of segments, you can receive the desired cut coordinates and use them to perform the actual process on real materials.

As far as the 3D window is concerned, you are allowed basic navigation inside the viewpoint, with the help of your mouse. Hence, you can rotate, zoom and pan the camera, in order to get a proper overview on the resulting sections. Additionally, you can also choose to display a helping grid, as well as a graphical representation of the cut trajectory.

Export the results as G code

As previously mentioned, the cuts are handled by special blowtorches, controlled by robots which take their data from a computer. Naturally, this data is left for you to enter and calculate, so that you can obtain the desired cuts at the exact parameters you require. The CNC machines use G code for this task, which is basically a list of coordinates and values it takes into consideration when it applies the cuts.

PLASMA TUBE3D enables you to export the customized parameters in the form of G code files, which can be easily used as inputs for the plasma cutting machines. Additionally, in case you want to customize the documents even further, you can simply extract the values and integrate them into your own G code file.

A useful tube cutting calculator

In essence, PLASMA TUBE3D provides you with a very lightweight environment for you to calculate and visualize plasma cutting procedures, due to the low system requirements and very small file size. Moreover, the fact that it can automatically export the calculations as G code files makes it that much more useful, allowing you to save time as well.

PLASMA TUBE3D was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 28th, 2014
PLASMA TUBE3D - You can view the 3D representation of the cuts into the main window of the application.

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