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Assists PLC and SCADA developers during the development process, providing them with a reliable simulator for Programmable Logic Controllers

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PLC simulator is a simple application mainly aimed at PLC and SCADA developers. It is designed to ease the programming process and provide you with a useful testing tool that can check the slave response to MODBUS queries.

PLC programming and the MODBUS protocol

Programmable Logic Controllers (in short, PLC) are used in various domains, especially industrial environments and electronics, in order to control machinery without human intervention. Communication with PLC devices is done via the MODBUS protocol, which ensures the continuous connection, control and reliability without imposing restrictions on vendors.

Requires solid background knowledge

This application is designed to ease the programming process by delivering a handy PLC simulator that can help users view the query response and identify connection problems.

Despite its simplicity, PLC simulator does not address beginner users, since working with it requires advanced knowledge regarding the MODBUS protocol and its architecture. Its interface is simple and intuitive, consisting of a single window that reveals all the data.

Interface with Excel

Based on Modbus Slave OLE automation utility, PLC simulator offers support for TCP and UDP connections alike and can interact with Microsoft Excel for data extraction. You can edit the slave data in Excel and then use both Modbus Slave and PLC simulator to retrieve the results. It enables you to monitor MODBUS slaves and run simulations to view responses.

A useful PLC simulation tool

PLC simulator can speed up the development process, enabling you to test the efficiency of your applications before using it with a real slave device. Its simplistic look and the minimalistic configuration process makes it easy to use for diagnosing or troubleshooting devices.

PLC simulator was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on April 8th, 2014
PLC simulator - The main window of PLC simulator will give you access to all of the application's features.PLC simulator

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