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A useful software solution especially created to allow users to make the necessary calculations for obtaining the molecular weight and percent composition of chemical formulas

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The study of chemistry and other related scientific disciplines often involves the use of specialized tools that can make the whole process a bit easier.

For this reason, a utility like Molecular Weight Calculator will be more than welcomed for anyone who has to perform chemical formula calculations on a regular basis.

Simple interface, focused on practicality

With the installation procedure complete, users will be able to start using the program without having to go through any configurations.

More so, the application displays, by default, a set of 5 formulas which can serve as examples to understand how Molecular Weight Calculator works.

All the functions are at hand, neatly organized under relevant menus, so the user will need only a couple of clicks to access the sought-after command or tool.

Perform a variety of calculations with ease

Besides the main functions it has, namely the calculation of molecular weight and percent composition, this software solution comes with numerous extra tools that can carry out several related tasks.

Thus, included in the package are a formula finder, an amino acid notation converter, as well as a mole and mass conversion tool. More complex operations like peptide sequence fragmentation or isotropic distribution modeling are also supported.

The capillary flow and mathematical calculators complete the feature set and make sure Molecular Weight Calculator is well suited for quite a few tasks that any user can carry out, provided that they have the necessary knowledge in chemistry.

A powerful application for formula calculations

All things considered, this program serves very well the purpose it was made for and can certainly earn the appreciation of students and even professionals who work in the field of chemistry and need to perform chemistry computations.

Molecular Weight Calculator is easy to use and comes with many tools that broaden the scope of calculations it can handle.

Molecular Weight Calculator was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on June 12th, 2014
Molecular Weight Calculator - This is the main window of Molecular Weight Calculator, where yuo will be able to access all the features of the application.Molecular Weight Calculator - The View menu of Molecular Weight Calculator will enable you to activate or deactivate the percent solver.Molecular Weight Calculator - screenshot #3Molecular Weight Calculator - screenshot #4Molecular Weight Calculator - screenshot #5Molecular Weight Calculator - screenshot #6Molecular Weight Calculator - screenshot #7Molecular Weight Calculator - screenshot #8Molecular Weight Calculator - screenshot #9Molecular Weight Calculator - screenshot #10Molecular Weight Calculator - From the Options menu of Molecular Weight Calculator, you will be able to customize the preferences of the application.

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