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A powerful application that was created in order to provide a complete environment for designing simulations of fluid flow in a pipe network

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Engineering pipe structures and networks is a highly specialized activity that is best left to professionals, who have both knowledge and befitting tools to get it done properly. Nonetheless, for those who are students or otherwise interested in this field, there are some solutions to help them put together complex designs and test them in a virtual environment.

One such modeling application is Pipe Flow Expert and it aims to offer a rather easy to use means of drawing various types of systems and performing the needed calculations. The interface is less attractive and more practical, with all the functions neatly organized, so everything is at hand.

To help users get started immediately, a library of example systems is available and it features many types of samples which can represent a starting point when creating a new design. There are many configurations available for pretty much any component that is part of the schema, starting with types of fluids, measurement systems labels and even color schemes.

When it comes to the fluids used in a project, there are several parameters that can be adjusted and these include the color for the fluid zone as well as the addition or removal of pipes. The fluid database is quite comprehensive and extensible, meaning you can modify the properties of an existing entry or add new fluid data, if necessary.

Insofar as the calculations are concerned, Pipe Flow Expert comes with several engines and customizable parameters. Thus, you can opt for Linear then Newton Convergence, Outflow Est Newton Convergence or for the Linear Aprox Only Convergence, set the tolerances for system calculations as well as the values for calculation iteration and warning.

To sum things up, it's safe to say that those who need to assess the flow of various fluids in a pipe network have at their disposal this handy software solution.

Pipe Flow Expert was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 29th, 2014
Pipe Flow Expert - The application allows you create a pipe structure in order to calculate flows and pressures.Pipe Flow Expert - You can easily change the measurement units used by the program from this window.Pipe Flow Expert - The Fluid menu provides the possibility to create new fluid zones and to change the fluid.Pipe Flow Expert - screenshot #4Pipe Flow Expert - screenshot #5Pipe Flow Expert - screenshot #6Pipe Flow Expert - screenshot #7Pipe Flow Expert - screenshot #8Pipe Flow Expert - screenshot #9Pipe Flow Expert - screenshot #10

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