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Carefully and thoroughly configure a large variety of serial devices using this powerful software application packed with useful programming tools

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PonyProg is a reliable application designed for programmers involved in serial device development projects. Its popularity comes from the rich support for a wide range of EPROMs and microcontrollers, as well as from simplicity and ease of use.

Giving live to various devices

PonyProg is known for its ability to program TV and CAR radios, Wafercards for SAT systems and EEPROM inside GSM platforms. It is used worldwide as a starter kit for the design of AVR and PIC microcontrollers.

Less visual elements, more performance

PonyProg’s interface may appear a bit old-fashioned at first, but a thorough exploration of its menus and features will change that feeling. In other words, the GUI focuses on carrying out the program’s purpose, even though it lacks shiny elements.

Easy setup process of connected devices

Upon launch, a popup dialog welcomes you, requiring that you calibrate the software in accordance to the connected serial device (which is detected automatically). It is recommended that during calibration, you halt all other computer activities, in order to speed up the process. Once this operation has been completed, you can start navigating through its functions to get a taste of the bundled options.

Take advantage of a large set of tools

A summary of its features includes manual device selection, read, write, verify reset, erase, security bits, clear / fill buffer, as well as the possibility to swap bytes or to set custom serial numbers. In addition, you can use script files freely in order to perform a batch programming operation.

To end with

In conclusion, PonyProg is brought to the end-user with a rich plethora of programming features that are able to deliver simple and effective operations with serial device products, be they EPROMS or microcontrollers.

PonyProg was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 19th, 2014
PonyProg - main window will allow you to select the serial device you want to program from a drop down menu you can find in the upper right side of the inteface.PonyProg - PonyProg's I/O port setup window dialog will allow you to select the type of device you want o program (serial or parallel) and to select the polarity of the control lines.PonyProg - PonyProg's Device menu allows the user to load the profile of one of the predefined serial devices in the list.

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