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A powerful application that was especially created in order to help designers build and verify more easily the circuit boards they need

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Creating printed circuit boards is a highly specialized task that requires not only solid knowledge in the area, but also a set of tools to get thew job done well and in good time. A software solution that was especially created for this purpose is Proteus PCB Design.

Through a well organized interface, which hosts all the necessary tools and commands for building circuit boards and testing them, this application makes it clear that it is meant for advanced users, who have a good grasp on what this type of design is all about.

A simple method of getting started is to load one of the many sample that Proteus PCB Design comes with. This way you can view exactly what this program can be used for and how detailed is the perspective insofar as the schema design is concerned.

The interactive simulations that can be started from Proteus PCB Design are also very helpful, just like the ability to view and edit the properties of every element on the board. The customizations go in depth for each item and there are several viewing options you can use to ease your work.

Besides the schematic capture mode that displays all the devices and their connections, there is another area you might be interested in, namely the 'Source Code' tab where you can make modifications at the most basic level for each element that is part of the loaded project.

Graphs that are included in the design can be edited as well, simulated, verified and exported, while the debugging and simulation of the whole project is also possible. Templates can be edited and saved in a new form, if you need it.

Overall, Proteus PCB Design demonstrates it is a strong contender and one of the best tools in its software category. It comes with a really strong feature pack and the numerous resources it bundles will surely prove helpful for all users.

Proteus PCB Design was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on June 17th, 2015
Proteus PCB Design - The main window of Proteus PCB Design allows you to access all the features of the application and create or load projects.Proteus PCB Design - The right-click menu in Proteus PCB Design reveals some of the most often used commands for managing the selected items.Proteus PCB Design - All the editing commands of Proteus PCB Design are available in the dedicated menu of the application.Proteus PCB Design - screenshot #4Proteus PCB Design - screenshot #5Proteus PCB Design - screenshot #6Proteus PCB Design - screenshot #7Proteus PCB Design - screenshot #8Proteus PCB Design - screenshot #9Proteus PCB Design - screenshot #10Proteus PCB Design - screenshot #11

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