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A radio frequency calculator that can determine the transmission path between the receiver and the signal source based on user-defined parameters





This is a radio frequency propagation calculator for the transmission path between an RF transmitter and a receiver. With its help you can determine the shortest transmission path of the signal.

It is aimed mainly at short range radio applications, such as in-building LAN and point-to- point links up to a few km where there is a direct line-of-sight or a simple diffraction profile, or a modified range law model, but it can also support calculations for satellite, aeronautical and space communications where the line-of-sight model can be applied. It is useful to both ham operators and radio professionals.

The knife-edge diffraction calculation option allows the effects of a hill or other obstruction to be taken into account. Loss factors can be included, e.g. building penetration loss.

Maximum range and path budget margin are rapidly calculated and viewed while modifying the input parameters conveniently using the main graphic window. The parameters are displayed against a bitmap of radio stations and a hill to visually aid entry of the various parameters.

A text-mode window can be opened up to list the results, with additional information, and then output to an Ascii file. A built-in help file includes information about the various parameters and calculated results and includes further information about changes in this version.
Last updated on October 8th, 2008
Radio Propagation Calculator - You can use Radio Propagation Calculator to determine the radio frequency transmitted between the receiver and the transmitter.Radio Propagation Calculator - Users can customize the LOS paramaters, such as the frequency, the range, temperature and many more.Radio Propagation Calculator - From the 'Options' section of Radio Propagation Calculator users can easily change the font.

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