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A comprehensive software solution whose main purpose is to provide a quick way to view and examine seismic data in formats such as SEG-Y and CST

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SeiSee is a powerful application aimed at earthquake specialists who are looking for a quick way to visualize seismic data encased in SEG-Y and CST format.

SeiSee comes with a rich set of features that can help researchers, students and teachers to better analyze earthquake data inside an environment that is comfortable and suited for the average computer user.

The interface of the program is intuitive and user friendly, encasing the program’s capabilities inside a few menus and a wide array of buttons and toolbars that provide quick access to common functions.

Files can be added to the visualization area using the dedicated commands, as drag and drop is not supported. The quick bar located in the upper side of the main window provides access to various display modes, including wiggle, gray, color and timelines, as well as to scale and direction adjustments.

On the left side, you’ve got a similar bar that encases zoom functionality, trace selection / sorting and axes parameters. In what the viewing area is concerned, the program allows you to trace headers and comes with a hard copy feature.

Other highlights include automatic gain control, check operations for header consistency, band pass filters, trace search, a seismic plotter, as well as the possibility to export the image to BMP and PostScript formats.

On an ending note, SeiSee comes across as a comprehensive application that can assist in the visualization and analysis of seismic related data, being suited for use inside schools and research centers.

SeiSee was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on April 11th, 2015
SeiSee - The main window allows you to view the seismic data from the SEG-D file and to zoom in on a certain segment.SeiSee - You can export the trace headers from the file to an ASCII file and import other headers from the File menu.SeiSee - The Processing window enables you to change the program parameters and the way it interprets the seismic data.

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