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A nifty and efficient software designed to help with analyzing DNA sequences and to extract valuable data without too much effort

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SimPlot has been designed as a simple solution for reading DNA sequences and helping you analyze them.

Intuitive layout

The application installs in a jiffy and the interface is far from being a complicated one, as the developer prepared a straightforward layout with the options and menus within easy reach.

It can automatically detect a wide variety of sequence formats (CLUSTAL, EMBL, Fasta/Pearson, Fitch, GCG/Wisconsin, GenBank, IG/Stanford, NBRF, Strider, Zucker) and their names can be long ones and even with punctuation characters.

Flexible set of features

SimPlot offers the possibility to display the groups hierarchically and managing them includes creating new ones or delete those that are not necessary.

Moreover, working with the program allows moving the sequences to different groups. There is no limit regarding the maximum supported number of groups and sequences as the restriction is imposed by the amount of memory available on the system.

The tool can show the relation between a sequence and another group of sequences and it offers support for saving the output result into a variety of formats that includes CSV, which can be imported into spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel.

The bootscanning operation does not require any additional programs and provides options for saving the values so that the user can view results based on the selected series.

Simple and efficient DNA sequence analysis tool

SimPlot is targeted at a specific segment of users and although it does not include all the options an expert might need it manages to offer a good set of features. On the other hand, it can be used to generate useful values.

SimPlot was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 9th, 2014
SimPlot - The main window of SimPlot enables you to select the sequence to analyze.SimPlot - The grouping options can be set in this window.

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