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A simple and user-friendly application designed for biochemistry students and teachers a like, to offer them the means to analyze proteins at home

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Swiss-PdbViewer is an efficient and intuitive piece of software developed in order to provide biochemical engineers or students in the field with the proper tools required in performing protein analysis from in front of their computer, without requiring expensive programs to do it.

Following an uneventful installation process, users can launch the application and begin working with it right away, as it has no additional prerequisites.

The interface of the program can prove a bit complicated at first sight, but after a bit of fiddling with it, users will quickly get the hand of it and understand that each section is for.

Swiss-PdbViewer's straight-forward interface is quite approachable even by less experienced computer users, as it offers all the functions they might need to work with in several menus in the main window.

The utility is meant to assist users in their study of macromolecular models, while the many tools that Swiss-PdbViewer offers can help users analyze the structure as well as the interactions between different molecules, locate and determine a model's errors, even generate images fit for publication.

After opening a PDB model, users can analyze its structure from various angles, by flipping and rotating it using their mouse and the toolbar buttons. From the 'Control Panel', users can choose which groups to become visible and which to hide, in order to better visualize certain regions in the model. This can be done on an individual group or the entire layer, by changing its status from the top of the table.

Moreover, users have the possibility of customizing the color of certain groups so as to make them more distinguishable if they want to draw attention to them in a presentation or article they wish to publish.

To summarize, Swiss-PdbViewer is a complex and reliable application which features a large number of functions meant to simplify the analysis of bio-molecular structures and allow for easier study in the field.

Swiss-PdbViewer was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 11th, 2014
Swiss-PdbViewer - The main window of Swiss-PdbViewer enables you to select the file to view.Swiss-PdbViewer - The Edit menu will allow you to rename the current layer.Swiss-PdbViewer - To inverse the selection you will use the Select menu.Swiss-PdbViewer - screenshot #4Swiss-PdbViewer - screenshot #5Swiss-PdbViewer - screenshot #6Swiss-PdbViewer - screenshot #7Swiss-PdbViewer - screenshot #8Swiss-PdbViewer - screenshot #9Swiss-PdbViewer - screenshot #10Swiss-PdbViewer - screenshot #11

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