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This tool allows you to analyze the lunar environment

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Virtual Moon Atlas is a software solution that can help you gather useful information about the moon. The application is able to display interactive moon phases, and to locate different lunar formations.

It sports a straightforward interface that allows users to perform several actions on the go. You can select the databases and formation types that should be displayed.

Virtual Moon Atlas renders information about different formation types (e.g. crater), such as name, type, size, position, detailed name, date, important facts, name of the author, and IAU information (diameter, latitude, longitude, coordinates, and many others).

Furthermore, you can zoom in or out, rotate or flip the image, go to a full globe view, as well as show the phase or grid, scale, labels, and neighbors. You can change the colors of the animated projections, adjust the level of brightness and smoothness, and select the rotation speed, altitude, and inclination of the orbit.

The application allows users to export the selected formation list to a CSV file. It is also possible to import a personal list, provided that the file format is CSV.

You can take snapshots with the moon projections rendered by the application, and save them as JPG or BMP. It is possible to print the images directly from the application’s window, to pick the observatory (topocentric or geocentric), set the latitude and longitude, and choose the country and time zone.

Moreover, the program is able to give the position of astronomical objects, and to render information about the ephemerides, such as distance, phase, illumination, altitude, rise, transit, apparent diameter, and many others.

All things considered, Virtual Moon Atlas can be described as a useful tool that can help you obtain important data about the moon, and study a specific type of lunar formation.

Virtual Moon Atlas was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on June 5th, 2013
Virtual Moon Atlas - Virtual Moon Atlas will help you explore and analyze the Earth's natural satellite.Virtual Moon Atlas - The right click context menu found in the application allows you to select the eyepiece you want to use.Virtual Moon Atlas - The Ephemeris tab found in Virtual Moon Atlas allows you to perform various computations.Virtual Moon AtlasVirtual Moon AtlasVirtual Moon AtlasVirtual Moon AtlasVirtual Moon AtlasVirtual Moon AtlasVirtual Moon AtlasVirtual Moon AtlasVirtual Moon Atlas

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