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View in-depth info and analyze projects done with CAD applications with the help of this powerful but easy to use software application

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Computer-Aided Design (also known as CAD) has become more and more popular due to the many uses it can be applied to, ranging from architecture, engineering, shipbuilding, to art projects, as it supports both 2D and 3D design. The sole drawback of CAD is that its projects can only be previewed and/or edited by specialized tools, and some of them require paid licenses. A freeware app that can be used to view the contents of these files is autodesk Volo View Express.

Quick deployment on your system

During the installation process no issues can be encountered, so the app is up and running in less than a minute. Its interface is well-organized and easy-to-use, as its icons are intuitive enough to ensure smooth operation.

Compatible with various file formats

Volo View Express supports a wide range of formats, including DWF, DWG, DXF, ML, IPT, IAM and IDW, and it can be used to pan drawings, zoom and orbit them, to ensure accurate visibility of the object displayed. When in Orbit mode, two types of projections are available: parallel and perspective.

Multiple methods to view projects

In addition, this app supports layers, named views and layouts, therefore it comes in handy when it comes to analyzing the contents of complex files. A drawing can also be viewed in black and white, since it is easier to focus on a model when its colors are suppressed.

Customize the way elements are displayed

The Options window can be accessed whenever users want to modify the colors used within Volo View Express, as well as the font that is to be used for replacing missing one within the analyzed file. The Inventor file display quality can also be adjusted to suit one’s preferences.

In conclusion

To sum up, autodesk Volo View Express is a dedicated CAD viewer that previews both simple and complex files, without hogging the system resources. Occasionally, it may fail to recognize files, but it all depends on the software that was used to generate them in the first place and if they are not corrupted.

autodesk Volo View Express was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 18th, 2014
autodesk Volo View Express - The application opens DWG, DXF files and allows minimum file modifications.autodesk Volo View Express - autodesk Volo View Express allows you to rotate the image and use the sketch and text function.autodesk Volo View Express - From the View menu of autodesk Volo View Express users are able to customize the view of layers or layouts.autodesk Volo View Express - You can customize the file or autodesk Volo View Express's options by accessing the Tools menu.autodesk Volo View Expressautodesk Volo View Expressautodesk Volo View Expressautodesk Volo View Expressautodesk Volo View Expressautodesk Volo View Express

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