Visual Floor Planner (formerly myFloorplan Designer)

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An easy to use CAD application especially designed to offer you and others a straightforward and intuitive means of creating floor plans

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Visual Floor Planner is a software solution tailored to meet the needs of future home owners, estate agents, engineers and anyone who wants to quickly create floor plans for a single room or an entire mansion.

The application comes with an intuitive set of tools which allow you to effortlessly design floor plans for bathrooms, dining rooms, garages, halls, kitchens, bedrooms and much more.

A more than comprehensive interface

Without any discussion, Visual Floor Planner displays a user-friendly interface which makes it well suited for both novice and advanced users. All the tools you need are made available in a side panel which you can position anywhere on your screen for easy access.

In normal circumstances using a CAD application would mean that you first have to draw the shape of the room, add its dimensions and then a description for it. Visual Floor Planner spares you of any unnecessary extra steps and allows you to draw an entire room in just one click and a few seconds as it comes with templates for all the commonly used rooms.

Using a template doesn't mean that the rooms you add come furnished but the application does offer a large library of objects such as tables, chairs, stairs and others which you can use to get a better sense of how space can be used.

Easily create entire floor plans for multi storey buildings

Visual Floor Planner enables you to draw plans for a large building in the same project. With it it’s possible to work on multiple levels for the same building without having to worry about cluttering details.

In fact, Visual Floor Planner allows you to color code each room differently and add hatching in order to tell them apart easier. Moreover, you are also able to adjust the transparency of the floor designs when viewing them, a feature that lets you easily spot where openings such as doors, windows and skylights align.

A powerful design tool for anyone to use

With the above to consider and much more to discover, it’s safe to say that it you’re looking to draw professional looking floor plans without overworking yourself, then you can certainly try Visual Floor Planner.

Visual Floor Planner (formerly myFloorplan Designer) was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 15th, 2014
Visual Floor Planner (formerly myFloorplan Designer) - The application enables you to draw both simple and complex floor plans for houses and commercial spaces.Visual Floor Planner (formerly myFloorplan Designer) - Opening the context menu, you are able to add rooms, decking, garden space, work surfaces and much more.Visual Floor Planner (formerly myFloorplan Designer) - Accessing the Text Settings window you are able to  type in the room description, set the room size and total area.Visual Floor Planner (formerly myFloorplan Designer) - screenshot #4Visual Floor Planner (formerly myFloorplan Designer) - screenshot #5Visual Floor Planner (formerly myFloorplan Designer) - screenshot #6Visual Floor Planner (formerly myFloorplan Designer) - screenshot #7