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An intuitive and reliable CAD plugin that helps you insert or build electrical DWG designs, circuits or schema for your projects

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When creating architectural plans and maps, it is important to have access to electric schema and designs, because they are present in every building. Although CAD programs provide you with the basic tools needed to create such designs, it is recommended to use predefined models, since the electronic objects that are going to be used have a standard component build.

progeBILLD Electrics is a handy plugin for CAD programs that allows you to insert electrical designs, circuits or schema into your DWG projects. It requires progeCAD Professional installed and running on your computer, although it works with other CAD programs.

Detailed electronic schema generator

The application can help you generate predefined electrical designs, circuits or schema, then add them to your architectural plans and maps projects, regardless if they are meant for telecommunications, fire-fighting, alarm and supervision or aerial structures.

Furthermore, you can easily check the libraries of the plugin for more models and electronic schema, so that your projects will contain complete renderings of every component that might be used on the final structure.

Comprehensive CAD plugin for electronic designs

progeBILLD Electrics can help you automate the creation of certain electric schema or architectural plans and maps. Because the program can be used by running commands, you can set up scripts that can be run in order to automatically add schema and designs to your projects.

Additionally, you have at your disposal a set of parametric objects, such as switchgears, modules of equipment or lighting frames that can ease off and optimize your work.

A powerful design tool that emphasizes on electronic schema

To conclude, progeBILLD Electrics can help you automate your architectural plans and maps, by quickly adding predefined electrical designs, circuits or schema to your CAD projects, regardless of the purpose of the structure you are creating.

progeBILLD Electrics was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 4th, 2014
progeBILLD Electrics - progeBILLD Electrics allows you to design a wide range of electronic schema for various fields of interest.progeBILLD Electrics - The CAD plugin contains predesigned plans and schema for lighting or other electronic components.progeBILLD Electrics - You can easily insert an electronic symbol, object circuit, cable or schema into your CAD projects.progeBILLD Electrics - screenshot #4progeBILLD Electrics - screenshot #5progeBILLD Electrics - screenshot #6progeBILLD Electrics - screenshot #7progeBILLD Electrics - screenshot #8progeBILLD Electrics - screenshot #9

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