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An efficient and user-friendly software utility designed to help you recover misplaced or forgotten passwords to MS Excel workbooks

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As you may find out by reading its name, Accent Excel Password Recovery is a Windows tool designed for the recovery of passwords required to access locked Microsoft Excel documents.

It is a powerful solution, but the way it’s developed makes it appropriate for all types of users, with a wizard that permanently provides valuable information concerning every single step.

Once you open a password-protected Excel file, Accent Excel Password Recovery launches the wizard that guides you throughout the whole process, so the app gives you full power over the password recovery process.

You can choose from three different attack types, namely brute force, brute force with extended mask and dictionary based, each coming with its very own settings.

In most cases, you’re asked to provide as much information as possible about the password to be recovered and thus help the application complete the job faster. For instance, you have to define the characters used in the password, such as capitals, digits or special characters, but also configure the minimum and maximal length of the password.

Of course, the password recovery task can take a while, depending on the overall complexity of the password and its length, so just keep the app minimized to Tray and continue your work on the computer. It doesn’t slow down the system at all, but you can also define the application priority for better performance.

All things considered, Accent Excel Password Recovery is an effective password recovery app that has a bit of everything, trying to attract both beginners and those more experienced.

Accent EXCEL Password Recovery was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on December 18th, 2014
Accent EXCEL Password Recovery - The main window of Accent Excel Password Recovery allows users to select the file they want to decryptAccent EXCEL Password Recovery - In the Password Recovery Wizard, users can display general information regarding the password they want to breakAccent EXCEL Password Recovery - The Select Attack Type enables users to choose the brute force or the dictionary-based scenarioAccent EXCEL Password RecoveryAccent EXCEL Password RecoveryAccent EXCEL Password RecoveryAccent EXCEL Password RecoveryAccent EXCEL Password RecoveryAccent EXCEL Password RecoveryAccent EXCEL Password RecoveryAccent EXCEL Password Recovery