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An intuitive and user-friendly application that provides advanced and sophisticated means to recover passwords for your Wi-Fi connections

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Wi-Fi Password Recovery serves to lend a helping hand in recovering Wi-Fi passwords that you forgot or lost. Relying on five different types of complex attacks, this program is almost a sure bet provided that you have the necessary tech know-how to operate it.

Password decryption operations are time consuming and while most products bent on password recovery take a considerable amount of time to carry out the task, Wi-Fi Password Recovery can shorten the process through GPU acceleration which results in superior processing speeds.

The program is able to operate on its own just fine, but in order to accomplish the job, it also needs information from the user, so as to have the basis on which the password decryption procedure will be built.

Two main options are laid each time a new project is created: importing data from a TCPDUMP file or specifying the WPAPSK hash manually. The following step consists of choosing the type of attack that you want to employ and here you have five choices.

The first one is the Dictionary Attack, which relies on dictionaries to find the forgotten password, while the second one attempts word variations and is called the Word Attack. The Mask Attack can be applied if you remember at least a few characters of the password, but if the credential is a two-word phrase the Combination Attack is the best choice. Ultimately, you can use the Hybrid Attack if you want to combine multiple dictionaries with custom rules.

Keep in mind that despite leveraging the power of GPU acceleration, the decryption process can take quite a while, from hours to days, depending on the complexity of the password. On the upside, the footprint on system resources is kept within acceptable limits.

In conclusion, Wi-Fi Password Recovery can prove to be the tool you need in order to successfully decrypt Wi-Fi credentials that you cannot recover through more conventional methods.

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Last updated on February 18th, 2014
Wi-Fi Password Recovery - Wi-Fi Password Recovery is a reliable software program that can recover Wi-Fi passwords.Wi-Fi Password Recovery - Wi-Fi Password Recovery allows users to import TCPDUMP data or to add WPAPSK hashes manually.Wi-Fi Password Recovery - Wi-Fi Password Recovery allows you to choose between five different types of attacks.Wi-Fi Password RecoveryWi-Fi Password RecoveryWi-Fi Password RecoveryWi-Fi Password RecoveryWi-Fi Password RecoveryWi-Fi Password RecoveryWi-Fi Password Recovery

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