Advanced File Encryption Lite

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This lightweight and easy to use application provides you with the ability to quickly encrypt files with a password of your own devise

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Advanced File Encryption Lite is an intuitive and efficient software solution whose main purpose is to offer you the possibility to protect files or folders with an access key of your own making, securing them in just a few clicks.

Straight-forward interface

Following a brief and uneventful installation process, you can begin working with the application, but make sure you have all the prerequisites on your system, otherwise it will not be able to function.

When launching Advanced File Encryption Lite, a small and very basic window will be displayed, featuring no button, icon or menu, simply providing you with the ability to drag and drop the item that you want to protect onto its surface.

Drag, drop and cipher your files

The utility supports the encryption of files as well as folders; all you have to do is drop them on Advanced File Encryption Lite, after which you will be prompted to input the password you want to use to secure them with. Make sure it is a strong one, but which you will remember later, otherwise you will not be able to decrypt the file and access its contents.

After inputting the password along with its confirmation, a file with the same name as the initial item will be created in the same location as the source object, but it will have an additional extension, namely AFE.

This item will be inaccessible and unopenable by any means other than repeating the process of drag and dropping it onto Advanced File Encryption Lite, then typing in the initial password to decrypt and read or edit its contents.

Handy ciphering tool

To conclude, Advanced File Encryption Lite is a very simple yet efficient program which allows you to protect your most important documents or directories, useful particularly for when you need to transfer data, either virtually or physically, in order to prevent ill-intended individuals from wrongly using your information.

Advanced File Encryption Lite was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 25th, 2014
Advanced File Encryption Lite - The main window of Advanced File Encryption Lite allows you to drop the item that you want to protectAdvanced File Encryption Lite - The dedicated window prompts you to input a password in order to be able to encrypt the fileAdvanced File Encryption Lite - In order to decrypt a file, you can drop it onto Advanced File Encryption Lite and enter the proper password

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