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An intuitive and user-friendly software solution that enables you to hide confidential files within other documents, without increasing their size

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Whenever you want to make sure that nosy people do not gain access to your private files, you can simply encrypt them and protect their contents with a password.

However, if you want to completely remove your personal documents from the public eye, you can also rely on steganography and Crypto is one of the apps that can help you achieve that.

Effortlessly hide your files within other documents

The installation process completes without any issues, and the graphic interface is highly intuitive - however, should you not manage to make out the app’s functions, you can study the hefty documentation then be up and running within minutes.

Basically, you need to start by selecting a source file, the one where your private data is stored so it can be a video, a text file, an audio track, an image or any other file type you choose.

Encrypt confidential files within 3rd party ones, without modifying their size

After this step has been completed, you need to specify the target file or simply go with the default option, that of creating a randomly named text file in the same folder with the original document.

The size of the output document, be it a text or another file you selected from your PC, remains within reasonable limits so nobody suspects that it stores any hidden data.

The greatest advantage of this method is that you can modify the contents of the file, move or rename it, and the decryption still works - whenever you choose to, you can rely on Crypto to decrypt it and you get the original file within seconds, without any alterations.

Steganography tool for beginners and experts alike

To wrap it up, Crypto can prove to be a handy utility for all those looking to quickly hide files within other ones. The size of the encrypted file is kept as low as possible, so as not to draw any suspicions from nosy or ill-intentioned people.

Crypto was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on May 14th, 2014
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