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File2File - Cryptomathic is a simple software solution for encrypting and decrypting sensitive data, designed to help you maintain your privacy when sending files via email, without running the risk of someone intercepting your personal information and using it for their own interests.

The program is very user-friendly, you do not need to be very computer-literate to understand how it works. It is based on the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm and it uses a symmetric-key crypto-system, which basically means that File2File - Cryptomathic requires a password in order to encrypt a document and the exact same password to decrypt it.

The file can even be encoded in an EXE file and it can be stored on any type of device or sent via email. The receiver needs to have File2File - Cryptomathic installed on their computer, so when they decrypt the file, they just need to enter the password you used to encode it.

File2File – Cryptomathic cannot be run from the “Start” menu, but from the context menu. As such, you can right click a file and hover over “File2File”, then select from the sub-menu the action you want to perform: encrypt or decrypt. Once the file is successfully encrypted, it changes its icon to the File2File – Cryptomathic one.

As a security measure, File2File – Cryptomathic requires you to use a password that is at least eight characters long. This way, it makes it more difficult for someone to try and break your password.

It has become increasingly obvious that simple security measures are not sufficient to protect yourself against people trying to steal your personal data. File2File – Cryptomathic successfully fights against the dangers of online environments, providing you with strong encryption methods and giving you a hand at guarding yourself against the perils of the the digital world.

File2File - Cryptomathic was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 23rd, 2013
File2File - Cryptomathic - You can use File2File - Cryptomathic if you want to secure your files before sending them via e-mail

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