Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition 6.0

A reliable and powerful OpenPGP solution that can help users automate PGP encryption and decryption tasks, as well as schedule them

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Coviant Software Corporation
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Diplomat OpenPGP Community EditionDiplomat OpenPGP Community EditionDiplomat OpenPGP Community EditionDiplomat OpenPGP Community EditionDiplomat OpenPGP Community EditionDiplomat OpenPGP Community EditionDiplomat OpenPGP Community EditionDiplomat OpenPGP Community Edition
If you often work with confidential data, you surely do your best to protect the information by encrypting them and restricting access as much as possible. This way, you can make sure that unauthorized people cannot open, modify or copy any of the documents.

Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition is one of the reliable software utilities that can help you not only encrypt and decrypt data, but also automate these tasks or schedule them.

Easily create OpenPGP key pairs or import existing ones

You need to be extra careful during installation, since there are a few steps that you need to complete, otherwise you might be able to enjoy the functions of the app.

Once you access the main window of Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition, you can browse around the intuitive GUI to discover all the features.

You can start by importing an OpenPGP key pair or you can create a new one from scratch - simply assign it a name, specify the key type and the bit strength, enter the user ID and passphrase, then configure the expiration parameters to your liking.

Export public encryption keys and key pairs for later use

The application can also come in handy when you want explore all the created or imported OpenPGP keys, as well as transactions, be they inbound or outbound (the former is used to decrypt data, whereas the latter is suitable for encryption).

Additionally, you can export all the keys to a chosen folder and select the output type you are interested in (either OpenPGP or ASCII Armored).

Automate all encryption and decryption tasks

You can rely on Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition to schedule encryption tasks according to the timetable you set up.

More precisely, you can create inbound or outbound transactions and create the configurations that meet your requirements - assign them an ID and a description, then specify the source and the destination files.

Next, you need to choose the actions to be performed (encrypt/decrypt and verify), select the OpenPGP keys you want to use and set up the actual schedule by specifying the frequency, date or time.

Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition was reviewed by , last updated on May 6th, 2014

Runs on: Windows 7 64 bit / 8 64 bit / 2008 64 bit / Server 2012

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