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A Java-based encryption tool that you can use to make the content of your important documents unreadable, using different encoding algorithms

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Fileprivacy can be used for securely encrypting your important or confidential documents, making them unreadable to the human eye. Its ultimate goal is to make sure that your files are protected and to prevent unauthorized access to private data.

One of its strong points is related to the ease of use, since the encryption process can be completed by following a few simple steps. The wizard-like interface provides intelligible on-screen instructions that make everything crystal clear, allowing beginners to use it without encountering notable problems.

The application is capable of encrypting and decrypting a locally stored document and the first three steps allow you to configure the desired operation, browse for the input files and select the destination where the output should be saved.

Fileprivacy features support for some of the most popular encryption standards, namely AES (allows keys of a maximum of 256 bit length), Blowfish (a more strong method, supporting keys up to 448 bits), ARCFOUR (with support for keys of up to 2048 bit in length). These all are symmetric algorithms, which require a single key or password for completing the encryption and the decryption operations.

Additionally, Fileprivacy also comes with options to apply hybrid algorithms, namely AES/RSA or Blowfish/RSA. What is specific about these two methods is that they secure the content using AES and a temporary key that is also encrypted using RSA. The decryption process requires you to provide the private RSA key.

Files can be encrypted using either a key file or a password, your choice entirely. The built-in key generator can assist you in easily creating a strong public and private keys.

Fileprivacy adds an extra layer of protection to your documents, preventing other users from accessing your private information. It allows you to complete the encryption process in just seven steps, with no complex options and menus.

Fileprivacy was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on February 3rd, 2014
Fileprivacy - Fileprivacy is a wizard-like application that you can use to encrypt locally stored documents.Fileprivacy - You can choose the source file you want Fileprivacy to process in the second step of the wizard.Fileprivacy - The third step of the wizard prompts you to select the destination of the output file.FileprivacyFileprivacyFileprivacyFileprivacy

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