GuardAxon 3.7

An application used to encrypt and decrypt your sensitive files for safe transportation or to ensure secure transfer over the Internet

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What's new in GuardAxon 3.7:

  • Does not show the CD and network drives in list of folders.
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GuardAxon - You can select and encrypt any file from your computer using one of the available algorithms.GuardAxon - The file checksums can be calculated and compared using the SHA-256 or SHA-512 hashes.GuardAxon - You can encrypt and decrypt a piece of text using any of the available cyphers and modes.GuardAxon
GuardAxon is a lightweight and intuitive encryption tool developed to provide you with a reliable means of protecting your most important files using a preferred password, so no unauthorized individuals can access and use your data without your prior consent.

Following an uneventful installation process, you can launch the application from the desktop shortcut that it creates. Its simple interface makes it quite approachable even by inexperienced users, as it does not require any knowledge about encryption and only basic computer skills.

The program functions using a tree view mode, allowing you to browse through your PC and access the targeted folder, displaying its contents in the assigned window and enabling you to select one or more files that you wish to protect.

GuardAxon lets you opt for the preferred 'Cipher' from the drop-down menu, offering several algorithms to choose from, namely: 'Blowfish', 'DES', 'AES', '3DES', 'AES-128', 'Blowfish (CBC)', 'DES (CBC)', 'AES-120 (CBC)' or '3DES (CBC)'. Afterward, you need to input the password you want to lock your files with twice. Optionally, you can create a backup copy, for good measure.

Subsequently, you can press on the 'Encryption' or 'Decryption' button, depending on which operation you wish to perform. When done, GuardAxon displays a popup window letting you know of the outcome. The encryption of a file will make the information inside it unreadable, so even if it is intercepted by ill-intended individuals, they cannot use it.

For the decryption operation, you need to remember which is the locked file, as it will not by distinguishable in any way. This can prove beneficial, as it can make it more difficult to determine the important item for someone trying to access your data.

In conclusion, GuardAxon is a useful and efficient piece of software that can help you protect your sensitive information, either on your computer or during transportation on removable media drives, preventing its wrongful usage.

GuardAxon was reviewed by , last updated on March 12th, 2015

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