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A cross-platform encryption and decryption utility designed to help you secure information about a website and your account details

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For security reasons, most computer users don't have a single username and password for all their accounts and remembering all the information is rather difficult. And even if a password manager is used to store it all, you can never be too cautious when it comes to such sensitive data.

Password Encryption is a simple tool that can come in handy for encrypting usernames, passwords and website URLs, so that no one can access your login information and steal your account.

Easily encrypt passwords and usernames

Having simplicity as one of its main characteristics, Password Encryption does not even require installation. Provided Java is installed on your computer, the application is instantly launched and you are requested to enter the desired security key, which will be used in the encryption process.

Its interface is split into two separate sections, one dedicated to encryption and the other to the reverse operation. As far as usage is concerned, even beginners should face no difficulties. You just have to type in or paste the desired website URL, the username and the password in the dedicated fields and press the 'Encrypt' button.

Decrypt data in an instant

The application can be used to send encryption login details to other users. Provided they have the correct security key, the decrypted URL and the login data will be shown within the main window.

Practically, the decryption operation works in a similar way: you must enter or type in the encrypted data into their corresponding fields and press the 'Decrypt' button.

A reliable password and text encryption tool

Password Encryption can give you a helping hand in adding an extra security layer to data you store in password managers or on your computer.

Additionally, it comes with an integrated string encryption tool that helps you secure short texts and strings before storing or sharing them with others. It can be used to send protected messages, making the content safe even if it is intercepted.

Password Encryption was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on August 7th, 2014
Password Encryption - You can use Password Encryption to easily encrypt a website URL, together with a username and a password.Password Encryption - From the 'File' menu, you can modify the security key used in the encryption process.Password Encryption - Password Encryption can also help you encrypt or decrypt strings and small texts.

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