ZipKrypt 10.25

A reliable application designed to help you automate AES256 Zip encryption and decryption tasks, capable of running multiple processes every day

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What's new in ZipKrypt 10.25:

  • Version 10.23 and 10.24 shipped with wrong build of TaskAccountTask.exe , i.e. TaskAccount task would fail in 10.23 and 10.24
  • Task and Schedule Treelists on the left panel now implement sorting. The Treelists sorted correctly by default on windows, mac, but not on some linux systems.
  • Script Task - Example Scripts button failed to launch correct example files on some systems.
  • When deleting a task, it also deletes its schedule now. Previously, it only deleted its variables and tasklogs, but not its schedule.
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ZipKrypt - ZipKrypt is a simple to use application that enables you to automate the process of file encryption according to a schedule.ZipKrypt - You can create several encryption tasks, as well as decryption processes, using the advanced AES 256 technology.ZipKrypt - The software enables you to create encrypted archives in which to include files you wish to protect from public access.ZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKryptZipKrypt
ZipKrypt is a simple to use software that enables you to automate the process of encrypting files, by creating punctual or scheduled encoding tasks. The software can encrypt and decrypt the selected files in a short time and without compromising their quality, thanks to the advanced AES 256 technology.

Archive and encrypt

ZipKrypt allows you to protect private files from unauthorised access, by adding them to an encrypted ZIP archive. Each ZIP file can be password protected, with a phrase of your choice, that includes letters, digits and other symbols. The longer and the more types of characters the password contains, the stronger it is.

You can easily add a certain file to an encrypted archive, but you may also create a task, that involves specifying a password, a source directory and an output path. Once started, the task can encrypt all the items located in the input folder. You need to specify if you wish to generate an independent archive for each file, or include them all in one ZIP.

Easily decrypt files

ZipKrypt can easily perform the decryption process, on files it previously encoded. Simply select the dedicated option or create a decryption task. The software can display all the active tasks in a separate tab, where you may view and edit them. Each task can be performed once, punctually or in a recurring manner, according to a schedule.

You may set the task to automatically run every few days or on selected days of the week. Each task can also be modified, to include the desired files or folders. Certain variable values, such as the source directory, the source file name or the output path can be viewed in special dialog boxes. Moreover, the software can generate activity logs, in which to portray the encryption tasks, the decoding activities or errors.

Reliable backup creator

ZipKrypt can easily be used as a backup creator, since it can generate encrypted copies of the selected files. Moreover, when the scheduler is enabled, it can create recurring copies of the source folder, including the most recent modifications, new files or deleted items. The software can apply strong AES 256 password encryption to each ZIP file, in order to protect it from unauthorised users.

ZipKrypt was reviewed by , last updated on January 4th, 2015

Runs on: Windows 2K / XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 2003 / Server 2012

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