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Robust firewall with support for an automatic learning mode, program whitelists and blacklists, keylogger protection, and autorun management

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Online Armor Premium is an advanced security application that comes with support for an enhanced firewall to offer protection against Trojans, spyware, malware, as well as all sorts of viruses. Plus, you are given full control over running and installing programs in your computer and restricting their malicious behavior.

Learning mode

In order to make use of tool’s security features, you need to restart the PC. A learning mode is automatically activated at Windows startup. It takes approximately 2 minutes for monitoring all utilities and their behavior, as well as automatically creating rules for allowing them to run normally.

Look for the tool in the system tray

You can find Online Armor Premium residing in your system tray. A right-click on its icon opens up a comprehensive set of options.

You may access the configuration panel, set up a password for restricting access to the utility’s settings, and choose between three modes, namely standard (it reveals the most important options), advanced (it includes all settings) and banking (connections only to trusted domains).

What’s more, Online Armor Premium lets you enable or disable the firewall, web shield, program guard and anti-keylogger, view the firewall status with the aid of graphs and details about your computer’s Internet traffic, and check out firewall logs.

The app helps you block all network traffic and disable all of Online Armor Premium’s protection features except for the firewall. It shows popup notifications upon identifying new items and lets you allow or block them.

Dashboard, firewall and domain options

Online Armor Premium integrates a dashboard that provides at-a-glance details about the protection modules that are turned on and last updates.

Firewall settings allow you to set up rules for programs, ports, interfaces and computers. You can manage domains and how the program treats them, namely as trusted, blocked or protected.

The tool comes with support for a DNS checker that is automatically activated on protected domains. This helps you stay away from phishing domains.

Manage apps and autoruns

Online Armor Premium gives you the possibility to allow or block programs and enable the RunSafer mode in order to use an Administrator account by running user-selected tools. In addition, you can manage utilities that run at Windows startup by allowing, blocking or deleting them.

Anti-keyloggers, hosts file and history

The tool is able to detect keyloggers that record your keystrokes and offers you the option to allow, restrict or remove them. Plus, it monitors the changes made to the Hosts files and shows a history of alerts and actions that you took.

Configuration settings

You can run the utility at Windows startup, automatically allow trusted tools to access the Internet and receive notifications, enable logging, block all traffic during system boot, exclude custom folders from Online Armor Premium’s protection, back up and restore your settings, and assign hotkeys.

Rock-solid firewall

All in all, Online Armor Premium provides an efficient way for protecting your PC against various types of threats using a set of easy-to-master configuration settings.

Online Armor Premium was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on February 26th, 2015
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