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A handy tool that enables parents to monitor their children's activity when they are using the computer, logging all their actions

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100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro is intended to provide a way for parents to keep an eye on their children during computer playing sessions. While it cannot block content, it does log user's actions and periodically takes screenshots, in the attempt to let parents know what their children are doing.

Record mouse and keyboard events, take desktop screenshots

The application can record various events, including keystrokes and mouse clicks, window focus changes and so on. The log can be viewed within its main window or saved to a specific location for later reference.

Additionally, it can be instructed to periodically capture screenshots of the entire desktop every time the log is written or at a user-defined time interval. The resulting images are saved to the hard disk and can be resized to save storage space.

Send logs via e-mail or upload data to a FTP server

Aside from saving the logged data locally, 100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro can also be configured to send the files (both logs and captured screenshots) via e-mail or upload them to a FTP server for safe keeping.

Remote commands

One important advantage is that the keylogger can act as a UDP server, which enables you to control the application remotely. For this purpose, it provides a set of predefined hotkeys (called 'passwords') that can be used in order to perform various actions from remote devices, such as showing the configuration window, take a screenshot, write or upload the log file.

A simple keylogger that needs enhancements

To our disappointment, 100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro is hidden from the 'Apps' section in Task Manager, but it remains active as a background process. This means that anyone can terminate its corresponding process with just a few clicks.

100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro is easy to configure and use, proving to be a handy tool for any parents who wants to monitor their children. Unfortunately, it is not password-protected and anyone can shut it down much too easy.

100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on September 19th, 2014
100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro - Parents can use 100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro to log the keyboard activity of their children.100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro - From the 'General' tab of 100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro, users can easily set the application to capture a screenshot when the log file is written.100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro - You can optionally save the log file and the captured screenshots to your computer.100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro - screenshot #4100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro - screenshot #5100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro - screenshot #6100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro - screenshot #7100 DOF kidkeyloggerpro - screenshot #8

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