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A simple to use application that enables you to lock folders in order to prevent other users' access to them and protect your private data

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3R MINI Folder Lock is a simple and small application that enables you to easily encrypt folders that contain private data, thus restricting other users’ access to them. You may lock any folder on your computer, as well as decode and restore it to their original state.

Easily encrypt folders

3R MINI Folder Lock is a simple to use application that you can use to block access to certain folders that contain private information. Thus, you can secure the directory and be assured that no unauthorised user can access the data you don not wish to share. Once locked, the folder icon turns into a padlock in order to indicate that the directory cannot be accessed.

The software does not cause the locked folders to be hidden, instead they cannot be accessed from Windows Explorer or other program. In order to lock a directory, you need to specify a password, however, this does not mean you require it in order to access the folder. Once locked, the only way to restore the directory to its original state is to unlock it.

A security solution for keeping private data safe

3R MINI Folder Lock can easily encrypt folders, but also return them to their original, public access state. Unlocking a folder, once you encrypted it is the only way to regain access to its contents. You are required to enter the password you used in order to lock it.

The process is quick, so you may access the folder as soon as you unlocked it. Moreover, you can make sure each folder is encrypted with a different password.

Friendly and lightweight software

A reliable tool for folder protection, 3R MINI Folder Lock is a lightweight and easy to use software. You can easily select any folder from your computer in order to lock or unlock it. The program can easily detect which directories are locked and which are accessible, and notifies you in case you want to lock an already encrypted folder.

3R MINI Folder Lock was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 20th, 2014
3R MINI Folder Lock - You can use 3R MINI Folder Lock to easily assign a password to a folder on your computer and protect its contents.

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