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One of the fastest methods to keep your desktop secured while away with various customization and lock down options to take advantage of

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When at work it's best not to leave your computer pray to others, regardless of their intentions. A simple solution is Lock My PC, a powerful tool designed to help you lock your computer with a single click on the Tray icon.

Fast way to lock your desktop

While it provides a different locking system than the one bundled into Windows, Lock My PC places an icon in the Windows System Tray that allows you to either lock the machine instantly or enter the configuration screen.

Choose a password right from the start

Installation is a breeze, but you need to set up a password from the get go. This password is then used for unlocking a locked workstation, but also to access configuration settings and other protected menus.

It's highly recommended to check the options screen as well because it boasts lots of options concerning the application, including those concerning the appearance of the lock screen.

Find out who attempted to use your PC

For instance, you can display a certain image when the workstation is locked and even apply a visual effect, make the lock screen transparent or keep always on top windows on screen.

Additionally, Lock My PC can display the unsuccessful unlocking attempts, while also being able to lock the CD-Rom drives and thus prevent other users from ejecting or inserting a new disc in the drive.

Good with your system's resources

Last but not least, the application comes with a so-called blind password tool that means no password prompt box appears, but also with a separate option to lock computer after system standby or hibernate.

Lock My PC works like a charm all the time and doesn't hamper system performance at all, although we've noticed minor slowdowns when used with transparency and visual effects.

In conclusion

Overall, Lock My PC is a useful application that serves its purpose and provides some interesting configuration options that can be easily set up by both beginners and more experienced users. Whether you're at home or at work, you'd best stay on the safe side because you never know who tries to access personal files.

Lock My PC was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 9th, 2014
Lock My PC - Lock My PC will help you quickly and easily protect your valuable data by locking your PC with just a double clickLock My PC - The Password window will prompt users to enter the password in order to acces the settings of the applicationLock My PC - Users will be able to access options such as `Enter current password`, `Enter / Confirm new password` or `Password hint`Lock My PC - screenshot #4Lock My PC - screenshot #5Lock My PC - screenshot #6

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