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Useful and straightforward tool designed for locking your computer while you are absent, in order to prevent unauthorized access to it

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PC Locker Pro is a password-protection system that can lock the computer and thus block unauthorized access to your files.

If the built-in Windows tool isn't exactly your cup of tea, PC Locker Pro comes to solve this issue, comprising very simple features to lock and protect the computer whenever you leave.

Once installation comes to an end, PC Locker Pro asks for the master password which must be provided every time you want to unlock the workstation.

It places an icon in the System Tray to either lock the system instantly or simply access the configuration screen.

The application comes with hotkey support too, giving you the option to either lock computer or enable stealth mode with just a simple key combination.

The stealth mode is nothing more than a quick way to hide the System Tray icon and thus add another layer of security to your system.

Other than that, you can change background color and images, lock computer at startup, start in stealth mode and record unsuccessful attempts.

The good thing about PC Locker Pro is that it's really effective, but we did manage to get past its protection. In fact, we reached Task Manager and killed the process, but we've lost the Taskbar. Still, we got access to the computer and the locally-stored files.

All things considered, PC Locker Pro is a decent project that needs further updates to become a truly powerful app. It works on any Windows version out there and requires only basic computer knowledge.

PC Locker Pro was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 8th, 2012
PC Locker Pro - You can set specific keybinds for locking your computer, and you can also change the background image.PC Locker Pro - You can lock your computer, access the Option window or choose to keep a log of unsuccessful attempts.PC Locker Pro - You can change the old password for unlocking your computer with a new one, for security reasons.

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