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A lightweight, yet dependable Command Prompt application that can help you generate random passwords of various lengths and complexity

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You can never be sure if your passwords are too secure or hard to decipher, as generic ones can be relatively easy to crack. Randomly generated passwords have the advantage of being unpredictable and offer you high security for any credentials you use them with.

AtmoPwd is a handy Command Line tool that allows you to generate random passwords of various lengths and complexity. In order to properly work, the program requires .Net Framework or Mono installed and running on your computer, as well as a stable Internet connection.

Straightforward tool for password generation

The application provides you with simple means of generating random passwords for your credentials. You can go for random alphanumeric characters of various lengths, or opt for a mix of numbers, lowercase or uppercase characters.

Additionally, you can create pronounceable passwords, delimited by a separator of your choice. This helps you overcome the difficulty of remembering a random password that contains scrambled alphanumerical characters.

Handy password creator

AtmoPwd can quickly create passwords based on your security level preferences, either random ones, which are harder to crack or remember, or pronounceable ones that are easier to learn, yet have a slightly higher chance of being decoded.

Because the application runs in Command Prompt, it can be easily integrated with other similar programs that need to generate passwords. On top of this, the program is portable, as it does not require installation, nor does it changes registries on your system.


As a base evaluation, AtmoPwd offers you simplistic, yet efficient ways of generating random passwords for your credentials and login data. Running in Command Prompt could be disadvantageous to users that have little or no experience with this kind of computer usage, as they might find the application confusing or tricky to handle.

AtmoPwd was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on November 4th, 2014
AtmoPwd - AtmoPwd runs in Command Prompt and it allows you to generate various random passwords.

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