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A handy software solution that will make it possible for anyone to delete any login credentials that may be stored inside their web browser

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Lots of people use on a regular basis various online services and go to websites that require a username and password combination in order to provide access in a privileged area, reserved only for registered members.

Nonetheless, there is a habit that continues to propagate among those users and it has to do with a feature common to most web browsers, namely the password manager that enables anyone to store their credentials on the spot.

Using this function can have serious disadvantages because in many cases the data is readable by dedicated third-party software, which may expose private information. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, using regularly a tool like Browser Password Remover could be a smart choice.

Simple interface for viewing and erasing stored passwords

As soon as you get past the setup procedure, the application is ready to help you check if there are any logins saved in the Internet browsers installed onto your system. The GUI is pretty straightforward and there are only a few buttons at your disposal and no configurations are required.

Most of the main window is reserved to the information displayed by Browser Password Remover after scanning the system, so you will be able to check out the usernames and passwords for any website stored by a supported browser.

Remove or backup credentials with a couple of clicks

The application works really fast when it comes to finding and showing the passkeys and, best of all, it only needs a single click to carry out the operation.

With the data in plain sight you can decide what needs to be scrapped by erasing individually one entry after another or by clearing all of them in one go. In case you want to preserve the details in text or HTML format, there is a 'Backup' function to help you with that.

Quick and efficient tool for ensuring login privacy inside web browsers

All in all, Browser Password Remover provides a fast method of checking for stored credentials and deleting them in order to make sure no one has a chance of stealing them even if they gain access to your PC.

Browser Password Remover was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on August 5th, 2015
Browser Password Remover - This is the main window of Browser Password Remover that allows you to view the stored passwords and delete them from the database.