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An intuitive and user-friendly application that identifies stored login credentials inside Firefox and allows you to quickly remove them

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Firefox Password Remover is a lightweight, yet efficient application capable of identifying website login information from within Firefox, allowing you to remove the credentials, as well as to export them locally.

It was designed as an alternative to the traditional approach of deleting passwords in Firefox, which is more complicated and uncomfortable than the method offered by Firefox Password Remover.

The most appreciated advantage is that it can handle detecting and removing credentials even if the browser is protected by a master password, although in order to decrypt the information you have to specify it.

Firefox Password Remover has a simple, yet colorful design, without bothering the eye. There are very little fields that require your intervention, seeing as it automatically detects the whereabouts of your Firefox profile.

On the other hand, if you’re using a portable version of Firefox, it won’t be able to identify it and as such, you’ll have to do the honors and tell it where to look for the passwords.

If the browser is encrypted with a master password, you should write it in the dedicated field, but if this is not the case, just leave it blank. At this point, you may press the ‘Show Passwords’ button in order to retrieve the credentials stored inside Firefox.

These are revealed almost instantly, without you having to exit the browser. From here on out, you have two possibilities: delete the passwords and / or save them to an output file in a location of your choice. The latter is more of a backup option that should be performed before proceeding with the deletion in case you’ll need the login info later.

On an ending note, Firefox Password Remover proves to be an efficient application, one that beats the classic method where you’d have to tackle Firefox’s under the hood security settings in order to get the job done.

Firefox Password Remover was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 2nd, 2014
Firefox Password Remover - Firefox Password Remover lists all the passwords located inside your Firefox profile and allows you to remove the entries.