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A handy and seamlessly easy to use application that helps you create an encrypted vault file to store all your passwords and credentials into

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Keeping all your credential secure should be a pressing matter, since you need them to solely access your private data. Storing them in a single encrypted file is one of the most effective ways of keeping them secure, as you only need to remember one password and use your credentials only when you need to.

MultiPassWord is a crafty software solution that allows you to secure your passwords and credentials in a main encrypted file, so that you can use it only when you need to extract personal or important login information. In order to properly work, the program requires .Net Framework installed on your computer.

Handy and encrypted vault for personal credentials

The application can help you keep your secret credentials secure, by storing all your passwords and login data in an encrypted file. By doing so, you will only need to remember a single password, instead of all of them.

In addition, you can create categories for each password saved, thus making it clear for which website or login form each credential is.

Reliable password keeper that backs up your vaults

MultiPassWord provides you with a convenient way of securing all your passwords and login information in a centralized encrypted vault, which is also protected from data loss using backups.

By generating restore points for all your encrypted files, you can ensure data flexibility and protection from computer malfunctions or virus attacks. For instance, you can “duplicate” vaults using backups, saving one of them with a password and the other with an alternate one, for safety.

A robust tool for maintaining password secrecy

All in all, MultiPassWord is versatile enough to help you quickly secure all your passwords and credentials in a single encrypted file which can be edited and restructured to fit your needs and password preferences.

MultiPassWord was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 7th, 2014
MultiPassWord - MultiPassWord allows you to keep all your passwords and credentials in a single encrypted file.MultiPassWord - From the Properties section, you can set up main file details, such as name, owner and master password.MultiPassWord - By accessing the Statistic section, you can check certain details about your main safe, such as the number of saved credentials.MultiPassWordMultiPassWordMultiPassWordMultiPassWordMultiPassWordMultiPassWordMultiPassWord

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