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Quickly identify index.dat files on your computer and have them analyzed before they are removed with the help of this application

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Index.dat Suite is an advanced tool which can help you locate and read the index.dat files created by the Internet Explorer browser. If you also need to delete some of the files from your system, this app can help.

Scan your computer for IE browsing history

If you do not know what the “index.dat” file is, it is about time you find out that Internet Explorer stores a list of all the accessed pages, images and cookies on your computer. This file is created automatically and saved in various locations depending on your operating system or the IE version.

The program allows you to scan your computer in order to identify the files that include your complete browsing history. This provides you with a list of files and locations that can be used for removing the .DAT files from the computer.

Analyze files before deleting them

If you want to view the content of the file, the Index.dat Suite includes a viewer that can display a formatted list of links. It also enables you to access or analyze certain websites from the list in order to find out their identity and trust level.

Ease of access with automated processes

The application includes advanced cleanup features which enable you to delete the cookies, the list of accessed pages and the temporary internet files. It can also create a batch file that is executed at the next startup in order to silently remove the specified .DAT files and Internet Explorer content automatically.

Simple and easy to use interface

The interface of the Index.dat Suite is simple and provides quick access to all its functions. While most of them are familiar to the seasoned computer users, the beginners should take advantage of the included documentation for getting accustomed with the program.

Gets the job done well

During our tests the program required insignificant resources and was successful in detecting files on both Windows XP and Windows 7 systems. However, opening each .DAT file takes longer than expected even when the DAT file had little or no data stored by the browser.

In conclusion

Overall, the Index.dat Suite is a good tool for opening and deleting the index.dat files from your system. It can automate the cleanup operations and increase your productivity when trying to clean the traces related with Internet browsing.

Index.dat Suite was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on July 28th, 2014
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