Nero General Clean Tool

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Dedicated to Nero products, this software solution makes sure that no residue files remain when you want to remove a Nero application

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Most applications leave residue files when uninstalled that cannot be removed by default uninstallers. As suggested by its name, Nero General Clean Tool was designed to remove Nero product installations. It’s a small, simple utility that has one purpose: cleaning up traces left by Nero products.

Making sure no leftovers bother you

Certain Nero applications are simply much too stubborn to be traditionally uninstalled from the Control Panel, for various reasons. In the end you are left with pieces of the entire application itself after attempting to completely remove it from your system.

Automatically detects installed Nero products

Nero General Clean Tool helps you solve this problem in a jiffy. Once you launch it, the application start detecting what Nero products are installed on the system and lists them. If you wish to manually assign the location of Nero installations try the ‘Manual find’ feature.

Quick and easy cleaning process

All that remains to do is decide what you want to remove, select those items, then sit back and relax. You can set the application to clean everything or just temporary files. Once the operation is successful, you are required to restart your computer for a full cleanup.

Doing a better job than conventional methods

During our tests, Nero General Clean Tool performed nicely and removed all traces of the Nero products in very little time. It manages to detect installations that are not listed in the Control Panel and to get you rid of the unnecessary files that clog your registry, slowing down your computer.

To end with

The conclusion is simple: there’s nothing complicated about this tool. It’s simple, yet intuitive and easy-to-use. The cleanup process is thorough and erases all traces. Since it requires little space and system resources, you might want to keep it around because you never know when you no longer use a Nero product.

Nero General Clean Tool was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 28th, 2014
Nero General Clean Tool - This is the way you will have the possibility to choose the Nero product you want to remove